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Time Is Now

I'm copying a post from the facebook group, check it out.

Tell Ohio policymakers: #TheTimeIsNow to fix the nurse staffing crisis!

Sign on to this letter to tell Ohio policymakers that nurses need help, and they need help now. After decades of ignoring us, #TheTimeIsNow to start trusting the most trusted profession. Sign this letter and share it with all of your friends and colleagues. Together, we can make change happen.

Systemic, meaningful changes must include:

Convening stakeholders to identify short- and long-term solutions to nurse staffing problems. These solutions must address current COVID-19 staffing issues and beyond, and include legislation that guarantees safe staffing standards and addresses other workplace conditions that contribute to nurses leaving the bedside.

Prioritizing the recruitment of nurse educators and work with the Department of Education and other stakeholders to evaluate other potential barriers in nursing student education.

Prioritizing new graduate support through grant residency/fellowship programs, that will increase the nursing workforce pipeline, while also supporting new graduates as they enter the workforce.

Incentivizing nurses, especially those who graduate from Ohio education programs, to remain in Ohio and work at the bedside.

Developing a hospital regulatory board who will evaluate nursing, and other healthcare employee, recruitment and retention incentives and working conditions.

#VirtualWeekofNurseAdvocacy #TheTimeIsNow #SafeStaffing #PatientsOverProfits

(Today is Day 1 of Ohio Nurses Association's week of virtual advocacy. Hope you can join us for more throughout the week!)

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